What is Biosecurity?

Usage of antibiotics causes microbial resistance over time and vaccinations may not always be effective. New age medicines take time to show effect in disease treatment. Narsipur believes prevention is always cheaper and more factual than cure, therefore Biosecurity plays an important role in everyone’s life. It is pertinent to choose the right regimen to safely secure yourself and your environment from harmful biological threats. Good practices in hygiene will ensure that there is no loss in institutional or personal productivity.

Bioprotekt focuses on the prevention of disease causing agents entering or leaving anywhere they will pose a risk to humans, or the security and quality of the healthcare environment. Good biosecurity should be practised in the least times, not just during a disease outbreak. Taking the proper measures within the early stages of an epidemic can help reduce or even prevent its spread.. All formulations are prepared using existing data available with CDC (Centres for Disease Control and prevention). Bioprotekt was launched in 2018 to cater to the human aspect of biosafety.

How To Control Microbial Contamination


The removal of dirt and impurities from an object or environment.


The destruction of all vegetative forms of micro-organisms. Spores are not destroyed.


The reduction of pathogenic organism numbers to a level at which they do not pose a disease threat to their host.

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