Aquachlor -T is a Aqua cleaning solutions effective against Fish & shrimp pathogenic micororganism can be used for Tanks, pond, equipment, nets, vehicles & fish egg disinfection.

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Aquaculture requires strict hygiene rules to prevent diseases resulting in fish welfare problems and heavy
economical damages. Very effective against fish and shrimp pathogenic microorganisms, it has proven already for
many years to be an indispensable product in any aquaculture operation, from the nursery and growing tanks to the fish processing plant.


Sodium p-toluenesulfon chloramide


APPLICATION                                          CONCENTRATION

Tank and pond disinfection                     1% – 2%
Equipment disinfection                            1%
Net disinfection                                          1%
Well boat disinfection                               1%-2%
Footbath                                                      2%

Water treatment                                        3 ppm once a week

Directions for Use

General Disinfection:

Without proper cleaning, dirt and organic matter protect microorganisms from the disinfectant, resulting in an incomplete operation. Start by dry cleaning to remove most of the organic matter, followed by cleaning either with water or a detergent solution. Once this is done, disinfect with Chlor-T. It is always applied as a water solution: simply dissolve the Chlor-T powder into clean water at the required concentration.

Tank Disinfection:
Its major importance to thoroughly clean and disinfect the tanks and ponds when they are empty to avoid contamination of the next production lot. Start by cleaning to remove the organic matter and then disinfect by spraying or rinsing with a 1% CHLOR-T solution (or with a 2% in case of contamination with resistant microorganisms).


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