Pipeline cleaner for Dairy – Encirinse -APC helps in removal of milk residues from all milking plants & pipelines. A caustic & Chlorine formulation


Alkaline Pipeline Cleaner


A caustic and chlorine formulation which has a fast cleaning action & efficient removal of milk residues in all milking plants & pipelines.
•Economical in use.
•Effective in all water conditions
•Non foaming
•Rinses freely
•Defeats easily
•No damage to rubbers

Composition :
Contains a blend of sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite & sequestering agents.
In-place cleaning of Milking Plants
Right after milking has finished, remove all dirt from clusters, tubes and Jetters. Thoroughly rinse the plant through with cold water. Make up a solution at a rate of 125 ml Ensirinse-APC to 40 litres of hot water (65-70 C). Rinse through the plant allowing some solution to run 0 to waste until the solution is discharging hot from the return line. Then set the return line for circulation and re-circulate through the plant for 15 minutes and run to waste. Rinse plant thoroughly with clean cold water and allow to drain completely.
Manual Cleaning of dairy Equipment
After milking all equipment should be rinsed with clean water. Make up solution at a rate of 125 ml ENCIRINSE-APC to 40 litres of warm water (45 C). Brush the equipment thoroughly in the prepared solution for at least two minutes, ensuring that all surfaces come into contact with the solution. Rinse with clean, cold water and allow to drain completely.


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