Poultry Biosecurity

Poultry Biosecurity

The greatest threat to the wellbeing of any creature comes from other creatures of the same species. The closer they crowd together the greater the risk of disease. Biosecurity, in other words excluding disease-causing pathogens from the creature’s environment, is an effective form of protection, especially for those farmed using modern production techniques. Advanced biosecurity is an essential and effective form of protection against disease-causing pathogens that affect poultry production and productivity.

Dairy Biosecurity and Disease control

Dairy Biosecurity

Disease can cause financial losses not only as a result of high mortality rates, but also because it can cause poor feed conversion ratios in livestock that is struggling to fight off infection. Narsipur Chemicals provides High-quality products for Udder Hygiene, Staff Personal Hygiene, Cleaning in Place and General Farm Bio-Security.

Aqua Shrimp Biosecurity products in India

Aqua Biosecurity

Biosecurity in aquaculture consists of practices that minimize the risk of introducing an infectious disease and spreading it to the animals at a facility and the risk that diseased animals or infectious agents will leave a facility and spread to other sites and to other susceptible species. These practices also reduce stress to the animals, thus making them less susceptible to disease. Narsipur has high quality Aqua Biosecurity range of products like Pond Disinfection solutions, Ammonia Neutralizers, Iodine based Disinfectants and Sanitizers, Fishing net and Equipment Disinfectants.

Hospital Hygiene and Disinfectants

Healthcare Disinfectants

Narsipur’s Bio-protekt division manufactures high quality Disinfectants and Sanitizers for Hospitals, Clinics, Schools and /Commercial Office purpose. Products range like  Floor Cleaners, Surface Disinfectants, Air Fumigation solutions, Instant Disinfection solution, Instrument sterilization solutions and Multi purpose Disinfectants helps you maintain hygienic surrounding. All the active Ingredients used are CDC approved.

Biosecurity at Poultry Farms

Hygiene Practices at Hospitals

Biosecurity measures in Dairy Farms

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