Food For Thought

With the advent of industrialization, manufacturing has become indeed ruthless. In the chase of a great top-line, we forget to cater to the essentiality of certain practices and choose easy, cheaper methods to just survive there- but not sustain.

Plenty of dairy conglomerates are now waking up to a new dawn, realizing that there is sense in not just catering to the growing demand of milk but also ensuring that the efforts they offer are combined with a consciousness of treating their internal process with utmost care and attention. Environmental awareness is at its peak and milk manufacturers are suddenly aware of the detrimental effects of using certain chemicals for dairy hygiene and sanitation.

So will tapering your purchase costs really help you achieve long term benefits?

Would you compromise on your ethics to achieve desirable profit margins?

Does a sustainable future pooled with a holistic give away to mother nature exist?

So if you are a dairy farmer its starts with YOU. If you are a purchase manager, it has to be YOU.

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