Chlorine is one such component that is frequently used in decontaminating major water sources. Chlorine dissolves in water easily and reacts with other chemicals readily.

Rarely do people realize that repeated exposure to chlorine can affect the human immune system as well as the heart, blood and the respiratory functions of all higher animals.

Did you know coral bleaching is one of the major habitat destroying factors in the world today? Imagine how much bio-flora and fauna is chlorine hurting eventually.

Technically organo-chlorines are formed in the environment which are toxic and carcinogenic. (Now you would think twice before having your next fillet-o-fish , isn’t it?) It is so widespread that it would be difficult to find any human being who does not have detectable levels of dioxin in his or her blood ( Try googling Dioxin and you will know)

To all the purchase managers of reputed sanitation companies- Make the right choice and let the right choice NOT be chlorine.


*The views and opinions as stated by the author of this article are completely personal.*

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