Iodophor- Applications in the Dairy Industry

Iodophor - Dairy cleaning chemicals

What is Iodophor ?

Iodophor is a substance in which iodine is combined with an agent that renders it soluble, making a solution suitable for use as a disinfectant. A small amount of  iodine is slowly released in the solution. They are typically used at concentrations ranging from 6 to 75 ppm. Iodophors penetrate the cell walls and membranes of microorganisms and interfere with DNA synthesis. Iodophors also bind to proteins, causing their inactivation


How Iodophors are better than Sodium Hypochloride?

1.Iodophors are effective against most microorganisms, including bacteria, yeasts, and molds at a usage level of 12.5 to 25 ppm. Compared to chlorine, Iodophors are effective under a wide pH range (pH 2 to 10); they are primarily utilized under low-pH conditions (in the acidic range).

2. Iodophors can be used at much lower pH levels and they are less corrosive than chlorine. However, at high temperatures (above 80 degrees Celsius), Iodine becomes very corrosive. Usage below 50 degree Celsius makes it suitable for usage.

3. Remaining soil on surfaces will quickly bind chlorine, making it ineffective.  Iodine’s major advantage over other sanitizers is that when used in proper proportions it evaporates directly from solution to gas, and hence leaves no residues.

Application of Iodophors in Dairy Industry


1.     Cleaning of Dairy Equipments & Utensils: Continuous usage of equipments during production of Milk, germs and bacteria settle on the surface of these equipments. Iodophors acts as a dairy germicide.

2.     Teat Dip Disinfectant: Post-milking teat dipping is essential to control the spread of mastitis organisms during milking. Iodophor helps to eliminate the bacteria & germs while milking procedure is carried out. It is important to apply the Iodophor solution pre & post milking.

Pre Milking Application: It is important to clean the teat skin before applying the Iodophors solution, because dirt & organic matter can reduce the germ killing ability of the solution.   The additional benefit of using a good quality solution before milking is that it keeps the teats cleaner in the long term as well and thereby increasing the overall productivity of the animal.

Post milking application: Iodophors should be sprayed after the teat process as they do not leave any residue. There are chances of increased iodine content in the milk, so make sure that the teats are well prepared before milking.


Teat Dip Formulation


Iodophor Teat Dip solution has to be prepared in 4:1 ratio for 25 Litre.

This means 25 Litres make 125 litres

A ready-to-use dip or spray for routine use after milking as a teat skin conditioning aid. Usually,  Iodophor Teat Dip 4:1 is a dark brown Iodophor solution with glycerine. 


  • A 4:1 Iodophor with a good emollient level that gives superb skin condition.
  • The Iodophor gives bactericidal activity against microorganisms.


Although Iodophor is a little expensive than Sodium hypochlorite & other solutions, but the Non corrosive nature & less residue makes it ideal for daily farmers to use it for its long term benefits. It increases the productivity of the cows for long term thereby increasing the profit per yield of the every animal. There has been a increasing demand for milk all over the world, companies are looking for ways to increase the productivity. Proper hygiene & sanitation techniques definitely help to increase the productivity with a minimum cost.

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