AQUASURF I-100 is a Dairy Surfactants complex which is fast acting and effective at low concentrations against abroad spectrum pathogenic organisms.

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Aquasurf I-100 is a surfactant Iodine complex providing 10% minimum titratable Iodine that releases anti-microbial iodine in a controlled as needed delivery. Aquasurf I-100 is fast acting and effective at low concentrations against a broad spectrum pathogenic organisms.

Chemical Composition
Aquasurf I-100 is essentially a nonyl phenoxy / Lauryl alkoxy polyethylenoxy ethanol-iodine complex in a suitable base providing 10% titratable Iodine.


For cleaning of dairy equipments
Brewery sanitation
Preparation of teat dips

Directions for Use
Steel Tank Rectangle
Flush the inside of the reactors, pipes and fittings use high pressure if possible) with clean water till the
contamination of milk fat, etc. Is low. Then spray from the top of the reactor to pipes and fittings with an
Aquasurf I-100 solution containing 0.025% active iodine. It is important that all areas are in contact
with the Iodophor. The Iodophor can be left over night in the pipe system or the pipes can be flushed
immediately with clean water.
Flush highly contaminated surfaces with clean water and spray with an Iodophor solution containing 0.05%
active iodine. The Iodophor is left on surfaces for at least 10 minutes. Floors, etc. That are easily contaminated and are not in direct contact with foodstuff can be left to dry with the Iodophor-solution.

Packing Size
50 kg and 200 kg


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