Fungicide – Encikol-PXBM useful for killing bacterial growth & organism in Paper industry. It is a suitable detergent for washing Woolen Felts.

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Encikol-PXBM is a preservative and anti-mildew agent for woolen felts and for other applications. In the paper industry, being in the form of a clear, reddish brown, water soluble liquid, with a characteristic odour, which will function effectively both for killing bacterial and other growth already present on woolen felts used in paper mills, as well as for the prevention of further mildew at a later stage.

Directions for Use
For killing bacterial growth and organisms
Initial treatment:- the felt should be washed in a washing solution containing a suitable detergent plus 1% ENCIKOL – PXBM on
the weight of woolen felt.



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