Eggs and their shelf life: From the farms to our plates

An Ideal Egg Producing Layer Farm

Our main objective of the Webinar was to help layer and poultry farmers to increase and optimize the shelf life throughout the supply chain, current technology implications and Future Outlook of the Industry.

Introduction of the Panelist and speakers

For the discussion, we had invited Mr Suresh Chitturi who leads Srinivasa farms, a dominant force in the Indian poultry industry. Srinivasa is recognised as one of the builders of the Indian poultry industry in the last 50 years. After assuming leadership, Suresh steered Srinivasa to achieve sustainably high growth through expansion and diversification. Srinivasa is involved in chicken breeding, chicken & egg processing, feed manufacturing and also soya oil extraction and processing.

His work has led to the company being recognised for always doing whatis best for the individual farmers, industry and the country. Adopting afarmer first philosophy, he is passionate about ensuring that the poultry industry is healthy and sustainable through the adoption of the latest technologies, good rearing practices and the welfare of the livestock. Suresh is helping the industry to be more sustainable and responsible in its production and sourcing.

Importance of Biosecurity in Egg Production

The director of Narsipur Chemicals Ms Surabhi Rao and Mr Chitturi discussed the elements that if ignored could lead to heavy losses for the farmers to which Mr Chitturi responded that the key element is biosecurity which Narsipur specializes in. He also added by saying that despite diseases like bird flu, if the farm has good biosecurity, then the farm can still function exceptionally and increase the productivity of each bird.

Mr Chitturi pointed out the playoff between the money spent on the biosecurity and the loss incurred by the farmer. By any chance a Layer poultry farm gets infected by a Disease, the expenses on Biosecurity is nothing compared to the losses faced by the Farmer. He also pointed out that every farmer should follow strict Biosecurity protocols to increase productivity, profits and prevent themselves from losses.

View the Discussion with Mr. Suresh Chitturi on our Youtube channel

Research to increase the Shelf life of Eggs

Ms Rao then asked Mr Chitturi about the research that is being done globally to increase the shelf life of eggs to which he answered by saying that the International Egg Commission (IEC) has been working on a technology that extends the shelf life of boiled eggs for a month or so that too without cold storage.

One of the participants asked about how the IEC is going to tackle the AMR issue to which he answered by saying that the IEC has been working alongside Global Health organizations like the World Health Organization, FAO, OIE and so on and they will provide information and details about AMR in their free to download handbook.

How to store clean Eggs

Another participant asked about the chemicals that can be used to wash eggs to which Mr Chitturi said that eggs must be washed with chemicals only is required and our director Mrs Surabhi Rao added that our company itself is producing an egg cleaning solution called as Eggkleen which can be used to disinfect the eggs.


In the end, a participant asked about the normal time range of storage of eggs to which Mr Chitturi said that it varies around the year and added that for example in the summers it will be about 10-14 days and, in the winters, due to the cold climate it may be a little longer but summed it up by saying that it is best to deliver the product to the consumer as soon as possible.


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