Gumboro Disinfectant – Chloramine-T has been proved effective against Gumboro Virus. More powerful than Quat Compounds, Iodophor & Hypochlorite. Effective against Organic particles as well.

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Narsipur’s Chloramine-T has proven to show a destructive effect on gumboro virus by retaining its activity for a considerably long period of time even in the presence of high organic load. Activity of Chloramine-T is based on the release of oxygen and chlorine, thereby ensuring the killing of both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Chloramine-T is ten times more effective than iodophor, phenol and hypochlorite in the presence of organic contaminants.

N-Chloro-p-toluenesulfonamide sodium salt.


Spray of 0.5% solution of Chloramine-T provides complete sanitation within 5 minutes.
To achieve complete sanitation hatching eggs should be dipped in 0.5% solution of Chloramine-T for 15 seconds.
Chloramine-T is an ideal sanitizer in hatchery to achieve complete sterilization by a spray of 0.2% to 0.3% solution.
It is recommended to use Chloramine-T as a spray and in drinking water at the start of fourth, fifth and sixth week in layers as well as broilers to minimize the chances of viral outbreaks.
1 Ltr. of this solution should be sprayed for every 1000 cu. ft. volume of shed.


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