This speciality Pipeline cleaner acts by first wetting and loosening the dirt, dust and deposits, whereas the selective ingredients free and easily dissolves the scales.

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Introduction – Specialty Pipeline cleaner
The strength of poultry lies in water management and hence pipelines that carries water plays an important role.
These pipelines get blocked due to deposits of dirt, algae etc. which result in the improper flow of drinking water and medication to the birds. Depending on the location and situation of the farms/hatcheries/plants, various types of deposit formation could occur. Hard water gives scale formation and dirty water forms dirt and dust besides deposit, thereby virtually clogging the pipes.

Active Ingredients
Complex forming organic and inorganic acids in a highly balanced composition, with stabilizer.

Excellent algae, deposit, dirt, dust and scale removing capacity
Application only 2 – 3%
Highly cost-effective
Foaming cleaning concentrate

Packing Size
Speciality Pipeline cleaner – Enciklin PL56 comes in 1 litre, 5 litres and 50 litre




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