Litter Fumigation – Enciform – RM is a powder disinfectant used for litter disinfection. It helps reduce ammonia in the poultry.It can be used for closed room fumigation.

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Encifom- RM is a fine white crystalline powder. Liberated in the form of formaldehyde gas, with heat under controlled condition, rapid conversion is assured, converting all ENCIFORM-RM to the gaseous state, which quickly fills the area to be fumigated. This gas is pure and contains no contaminants. Formaldehyde gas spreads throughout an enclosed area, reaching all cracks and crevices. It is lethal to all viruses, moulds and bacteria.
Active Ingredient

Complex long chain Polyoxymethylene compound 97% ± 1% with the highest Degree of polymersiation.

For fumigation of farms, hatcheries, feed godowns, incubators, hatcherers, egg rooms, chick nest boxes and litter disinfection.

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