Disinfectant for Poultry – Encikol-FF is a broad spectrum disinfectant for regular usage in Poultry Farms. It can be used even in presence of Birds

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Encikol-FF is a multi-functional, multi-action disinfectant for use in poultry for the maintenance of health, hygiene, sanitation and prevention of diseases in birds. It is recommended for regular usage in the farms and hatcheries to maintain health, hygiene and sanitation, besides substantially improving productivity and drastically reducing mortality and medication costs. ENCIKOL-FF when sprayed in sheds in presence of birds at user dilutions (0.1%), even if it gets to feed and water is absolutely harmless to the birds.

Active Ingredient
Encikol-FF is made up of Glutaraldehyde ,DDAC,Benzalkonium Chloride, Stabilizers and other relevant ingredients in an Aqueous base

A 1% solution of ENCIKOL-FF is sufficient for use. ENCIKOL FF is miscible in water at all proportions. Regular usage of ENCIKOL-FF ensures lowering of microbial load to the accepted limits in the farms, hatcheries and related places.

Packing Size
1 litre, 5 litre and 50 litre


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