Encikon – S is an Virucide effective against bacteria & fungi highly versatile – surface, equipment, water and aerial disinfectant

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Introduction – Virucide

Encikon-S (Disinfectant & Virucide) is a balanced, stabilized blend of per-oxygen compounds, surfactant, organic acid, and inorganic buffer. Encikon-S is recommended for use as a hard surface disinfectant in livestock production and transportation facilities. Encikon-S delivers 99.99% kill off numerous pathogens including several bacterial, virus and fungi strains with no evidence of resistance, eliminating the need to rotate disinfectants to avoid resistance buildup.

Active Ingredient
Potassium Peroxymonosulfate triple salt, Sodium chloride and other relevant ingredients.

Directions of Use
Aerial spray in presence of birds: 5 g / litre of water (for 125 sq.ft. Area)
Terminal disinfection : 5 g / litre of water (for 25 sq.ft. Area)
Routine water sanitation :1 g / litre of water
Hatchery sanitation:5 g / litre of water foot dip
Vehicle dip: 5-10 g / litre of water

Available in packing’s of 1 kg


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