Encimax -3XNT Sanitizer & Descaler  is only disinfectant that is used for descaling of Pipelines & cooling Pads.Also as Water Acidifier & Sanitizer.

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Encimax-3XNT is a citrated disinfectant by Narsipur chemicals that is used for both disinfectant and descaling purposes.

Active Ingredients
Alkyldimethylbenzylaluminiumchloride : – 18%v/v
Citric acid : – 24%w/v
Inert Ingredients : – q.s

Directions For Use
For disinfection and descaling of water lines : – 10-15 ml/litre of water
Water sanitation : – 1 ml /15-30 litre of water
Descaling and disinfection of hatchery machines : – 10-15 ml/litre of water



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