Encivet – TWP  Water Acidifer & Sanitiser for Poultry. Helps cleans water and maintain the Ph value of the water. It also removes mild scales, biofilms, mineral deposits.

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Encivet- TWP is an excellent water acidifier and sanitiser with the unique distinction of being a combo product. Encivet -TWP
is used to eliminate the disease causing pathogens like bacteria,virus,mycoplasma,fungi,protozoa.Besides it also removes mild scales,biofilms,mineral deposits etc,from waterers,cooling pads,waterlines and recirculating cooling systems without damaging the cell surfaces or pads thus increasing their durability.

Active Ingredients
Concentrated Benzalkonium chloride solution synergistically blended with feed grade acids in the right proportions in an aqueous base
Feed grade acids:-24% w/v



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