GH- 44 is a high power disinfectant with virucidal, bactericidal & Fungicidal properties used in poultry farms & hatcheries.

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Narsipur has developed GH-44 as the ideal choice for the wide spectrum of action (bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal) with specific effect against pathogenic organisms of all kinds of organic soiling occurring in farms and hatcheries. GH-44 is a specialized concentrated highest power disinfectant providing an easy and highly effective solution.

GH-44 is based on a combo of quaternary ammonium compounds in a highly balanced proportion along with Glutaraldehyde and surfactants in an aqueous base, and under active ingredients are the names mentioned

Directions for Use


(Terminal and routine disinfectant)
No Specific Disease: 1 litre of GH-44 diluted in 200 litres of water to cover 600 square meters.


( Footbath, wheel-bath)
No specific disease: 1 litre of GH-44 diluted in 200 litres of water

THERMOFOGGING (Terminal disinfectant)
Dilute 2.5 litres of GH-44 in 2.5 litres of water Use this solution of 5 litres for
1000 cubic meters.


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