Cluster Dipping liquid – Encimox DT can be used during the milking process to disinfect cluster and cups between milking. It is used for general livestock protection, cluster dipping & disinfection of processing plants.

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A  clear, colourless disinfectant. Effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses & fungi encountered in intensive livestock husbandry, milk production & processing. Helps to maintain the highest standards of  hygiene.May be used at dilution rates of between 1:100 & 1:200 in cold water according to specific pathogens involved, as well as level of residual soiling encountered

Fast acting formulation.

Economical in use

Suitable in all water condition.

Kills mastitis causing bacteria

Product Information:

Appearance : Clear colourless  liquid

Odour : acetic acid

pH :   1.0

Shelf life : 1 year


Contains a blend of Peracetic acid, Hydrogen peroxide & acetic acid




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