Encikoc-cc is a formulated concentrate developed to kill parasites. It will kill coccidia, oocysts, worms, eggs, endoparasites. It helps remove transmission of disease from livestock environments.

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Encikoc-CC – Concentrate against Parasites. It is highly effective against coccidia, oocysts, worm eggs, endoparasites and their developmental forms and related transmission of diseases from livestock

Active Ingredient
Encikoc-CC consists of a highly balanced combination of derivatives of phenols, alcohols, surfactants and processing aids


Encikoc – CC is to be used before the introduction of a new cycle. It is recommended to first thoroughly clean the livestock buildings and all items of equipment that have been in contact with animals and birds. Encikoc – CC must be sprayed on surfaces, thoroughly washed and then proceed for disinfection. Parasites and eggs are often located in hidden hard to reach places. Therefore it is very important that these places are carefully sprayed. The desired effect is obtained by spraying on the flooring and walls upto a height of about 1.2 metres. After application of Encikoc – CC, sheds must be allowed to dry thoroughly and then ventilated completely before introduction of birds and animals.


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