POLYCAR-NC – Alkaline Cleaner & Detergent

Alkaline Cleaner Detergent – Polycar -NC is used for removal of all kinds of organic soiling in farms, hatcheries. 2 % solution is used for De-greasing & De-oiling Purpose.

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Polycar -NC is a multi-spectrum heavy duty concentrated cleaner with high alkaline properties and excellent soil suspending power. Polycar-NC is an ideal choice for removal of all kinds of organic soiling in farms, hatcheries, slaughter houses and food processing plants. Polycar-NC combines superior cleaning power with excellent foaming ability, outstanding de-greasing and de-oiling capacities. Depending on the grade of contamination Polycar -NC can be used in dilution up to 2%.

Active Ingredient
High purity anionic and non ionic surfactants with complexing agents in an alkaline base with speciality additives.

Directions for Use
Pre soak all surfaces with Alkaline cleaner & Detergent such as floor, wall, ceiling etc. with a solution of 2% Polycar -NC (2 Ltrs. of POLYCAR-NC added to 98
Ltrs. of water)
Spray the solution under low pressure. Soaking time approx. 60 minutes, don’t let treated surfaces dry up
Spray out the entire surface area with water using high pressure equipment.


Available in 35 ltr carbuoys.


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